Unedited sketches from the past week. Direct imagination drawings (except for the clearly from life studies) with pen and/or color markers.




Art dump from the last 10 months, part 2 of 2:


All direct ink, from imagination and life.


Art dump from the last 10 months, part 1 of 2:

Direct pen and ink, outside of the watercolors.

My husband, Martin Mauseth Hvattum, was awarded a travel stipend from Grafill this year. So, in July, we traveled around Norway doing pleinair paintings of the Norwegian landscape. It was a spectacular trip, for many reasons, and the ability to see what Norway is really like, not just from the capitol’s perspective, was insightful. I painted rarely, using the trip instead as a well needed relaxation outlet. But, here are a few paintings that I do think turned out. Ive been trying to challenge myself to focus on values much more, as it has always been a difficult area for me.

The first is a waterfall near Svartisen, the second is unrecorded and unknown. Both are acryla gouache.
july painting1 july painting2

Some miscellaneous sketches from my visit back to San Francisco this summer. No life drawing this time, just some on location pen drawings on the streets of SF (ok, and maybe a little from Norway too) and some sketches from the Academy of Science’s skulls exhibit – oh my goodness, was it a treat! A super phenomenal exhibit that was perfect for my penchant for anatomy.

city1 city2 city3 city4 city5 city6 city7 science1 science2 science3

Last life drawing update from this summer. These are all quick studies, no more than 3 minutes each. 
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More AAU drawings.
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Art dump 4/7, from San Francisco’s Academy of Art alumni workshops, and perhaps a few sketches while hanging out with some good friends.

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Update 3/7 – this time, featuring COLOR. One thing I miss about the AAU that we don’t have in Oslo (or, in many places in the world) is access to such a diverse group of models. I really missed having all shapes, body types, genders and personalities to draw. It seems like there is just 3 models here in Oslo, and they are all fairly similar in styles. Not to mention ZERO clothed figure workshops – I felt a bit rusty in that area!
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Upload 2/7 here of the San Francisco art dump. More quick studies, some longer studies as well – I’m normally pretty good at numbering how long each pose was next to the drawing. A new addition this upload is 1 drawing from imagination – though its pretty obvious which one it is. +10 points to whoever guesses last.

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