So, for my Eccentric Illustration class, we’ve been asked to work on a surrealist piece. Now, everything I do is PRETTY out there, but never necessarily “subconscious” or surreal. Just….maybe “out of the box”.  But, for this assignment my absolutely phenomenal teacher (senior David Ball, had us do some interesting roughs to get our minds really into a different realm. Doing inkblots, organic wax sculptures, autonomous writing, etc….., I found these to be incredibly mind-blowing. It was extremely eye widening to be able to be so absolutely instinctual. All of my artistic “career” its been about educated decisions- Oh no, I can’t put blue there because that wouldn’t match my color scheme or temperature shift! Being able to simply put something down SIMPLY for the sake of putting it down was really one of the best exercises Ive ever done before.

Anyways, this piece I’m working on has nothing to do with those warm-ups. (Ha!) As some of you know, I am an art model as well. During the horrible 3 week (18 hours) long poses, one has little to do but think. Normally I use this time to sleep, or even flesh out some concepts for some new pieces I want to work on. But, ever since doing the pre-mentioned inkblot roughs, I found my mind going to some pretty interesting places during my modeling sessions.

The work-in-progress below is my first non-traditional illustration. It is easiest to describe it as a “3D painting”, as the surface will later be partially oil painted. It has been a REAL journey, between finding materials to glue, painting over oils, primers, acrylic resins, mediums, etc. AND, San Francisco is too expensive for thrift store goodies, so 90% of the items on the canvas were bought in Ohio and delicately packed into my carry-on luggage……SO! This piece has already taken me over 3 weeks to produce (from beginning to now….), and has gone almost across the country with me.

Needless to say, I am pretty excited about it!

So, here is a slideshow of the WIP pictures. I will update later with the final product in a week or so. Or, maybe it will never be done! Who knows!!