I wonder if anyone else realizes how utterly random my titles for these posts are….

Anyways, here’s some art. Its kind of a “dump” of sorts, as everything has a little but different story since they were all done at different times….

This was done at sunset during a storm in about 20 minutes with colored pencils. Phew! Trying to beat the light is way different when a storm is coming in and out! But, it was a pleinair study down in “Sand City”, it was  full of California Dunes! Anyways, I like how hectic it turned out, and the colors actually work together nicely.

Yet another “beat the light” scenario. Poor Mark and I never got to really paint without worrying about horrendous lighting conditions….. But, I knew what I was up against when I started this one, and knocked it out in about 5 minutes. (By that time, the sun had completely gone down. Brilliant sunsets move fast!) It’s a study of the way the clouds lit up at sunset.

These two were from an assignment from Eccentric Illustration. I did many, many studies like this: being completely without thought to my process. It was interesting to see where my mind took me with these.

These two are actually the exact same photo of the exact same art piece. Due to the horrible lighting conditions I normally scan my stuff in, I normally take 2 photos of all my work (one with, and without flash). The one on the left is without, and the one and the right is with. I really liked the way both of them turned out, almost like one is of autumn and one of spring.

Martin gave me homework (http://martinmausethhvattum.blogspot.com), to draw him some parrots and penguins. This was a small study done in sharpie for the image below.

Ta-da! Feels good to draw like this again! (re-uploaded this image….the linework got all wonky in the last one!)

Now off to painting!