So, been very very busy with school this semester! I’m taking 4 studio classes, while working as a model at my school, and so I have been even more hectic than normal! However, this has actually been one of the best semesters as a whole I’ve ever had at the Academy, and I thin my joy is showing through in my work.

These pieces are from my class entitled “Quick Studies” where you do complete paintings in less than 40 minutes, but normally in 25. I think its having the reverse effect on me, as most people in my class already started as good painters and are working to loosen up. Whereas with myself, I am a TERRIBLE PAINTER but this class is forcing me not to worry about the finish product, and just getting as much painting mileage as I can. Its really invigorating for me to just say “don’t worry, if it doesn’t look good, you still have 7 more to do today, AND this will be over in 10 minutes!”. Its also getting me past this really frustrating point in my artistic career where I know what my work is “supposed” to look like, but it never quite gets there!

Anyways, here are some paintings. These were all done in oils in between 25 – 40 minutes a piece. (no retouching afterwards!)

These two were actually the same model, during the same class. The model struck the same pose twice, and you can’t really move oil paints around the classroom very effectively to get a new view when you only have 25 minutes to do the entire thing!

I think I captured the likeness on him fairly well…..!

“Homework” assignements….we do a total of 24 paintings (with an additional 2 large paintings for midterm/finals) for homework during this course. These two were from photos from Japan taken during this summer. Again, between 25 and 40 minutes a piece.