Here are some more uploads from my my quick studies class. I really notice how weak some of my skills are when working with still-lifes….I haven’t even looked at one since my first semester! I guess this really shows how much improvement I’ve made at the AAU so far.

All done in less than 40 minutes. See the progression from the 1st painting of the day to the last!


Here is also my first “project” working with silkscreen…..We were only supposed to use 6 layers, with 1 gradient. I ended up doing something around 38 layers and 5 gradients…..I guess I overachieved a little! Took me probably around 40 hours to do, and for being my first, it ended up ok! This photo does it NO justice, as I actually layered textures within the colors, so different things appear at different lighting angles. Its pretty snazzy, but couldn’t get it to work with the digital camera. Well, lesson learned.

Entitled “who are you?” , 30 x 30 inches (set of 10). Triptych