For lack of anything better to update (You’ve caught me in between WIPs), here are some more quick studies from this weeks class. These were both done in 20 minutes each, and were supposed to be with varying light sources, but in the same pose. But, from where I was sitting they both looked pretty similar. It was a difficult day, though, because both models were very unique. This model was so red! Her skin was very flushed, and her hair was flaming orange. So, it was very hard to get that to come through without making it look over saturated. I won’t even show the other painting, even though it captured the lighting very well, it was a very unflattering portrait….!

Also, I recently went to Wonder-Con and picked up some more art books. I finally bought my own copy of Frankenstein (by Mary Shelley, of course) illustrated by Bernie Wrightson. Jesus Christ. This guy is ridiculous. I’ve made it my personal goal to read a chapter a day, and draw a part of each of his drawings every time I come across one (1 ever 4 or so pages…!).

…..I haven’t done mine for today yet…..but….here are yesterday’s!!