A new piece finished for my editorial class. I think its an effective enough piece for the article, but I still feel like I’m flipping styles too often. I wish I could go back to my “toppi” style and still portray images effectively, but its something I’ll have to work on more independently. (See: https://mouharle.wordpress.com/2010/03/30/midterms-aka-art-dump/)

Next is a painting I did of my mom. Its really hard to effectively portray someone you love and know so well! I was never satisfied with the drawing, but I feel the actual painting has some good points in it. It was particularly hard, because the photo is in black and white, so I had to make-up the colors myself!

And lastly, some doodles! Got to keep up my spirits and just have fun every now and then….! (The first one is a sort of portrait….but I really am not this angsty!)