Recent illustration from my editorial class….. style looking familiar? I finally told myself I *have* to keep doing drawings like this, no matter the subject matter, to get better at it. Doing Gibson master copies can only get me so far before I have to learn to develop it on my own! Tried to find an article that was a little more up my artistic alley, instead of one I was just personally interested in. Found a perfect match in Gaddafi and his harem of lady bodyguards.

So, this is a double page spread. Hopefully it would look ok in print! (Didn’t scale down the image too much, as I think it will be nice to see all the ridiculous pen details I put in….. a .03 pen (read: NOT 0.3) does NOT work wonders on my hand, but I can’t help my love of subtlety!)

Looking back on it, I can see a few errors (Gaddafi is kind of small and awkward looking…., and may or may not have some “special” people in his harem….!), but overall I’m very happy with it. From ROUGH pencil (gestures only!) to finish in less than a day!