Been gone in Europe all summer, with no way to really update! Sorry everyone (and by this, I mean the 7 people who actually look at this….!).

I’m by no means a landscape painter, and this is made even more aware to me when you’re companion is as talented as Martin. But, I really enjoy combining my two favorite things in the world, art and other cultures. So, this naturally leads me to travelling and painting as I go! Its a wonderful way to really get to know a city, instead of just browsing around you are really studying the way things look and how they differ from other cities in terms of color, lighting, architecture, temperature, weather, etc etc. Its really great! And, locals often are very interested in what you’re doing, so its a wonderful way to meet new people too.  But, alas, I am actually pretty bad! But, I feel like this summer I grew a lot, and am hoping to only improve. Its kind of interesting when your “hobby” and job are in the same area, it just means I do art all the time!

They were all done with acrylics, which was also a new medium for me. It took a long time to get used to it, and the new palette combination I was recommended. Everything was just different enough to be angry when things didn’t turn out well! I also was using my new Plein air painters box, provided from Artwork Essentials, and my mother for a birthday present! (It was a wonderful determent from being reminded that I’m getting older….!)

Here are the ones I liked the best, out of some 60 I did in the months I was away.


Also, here is another work from my Decorative Illustration class.  I also printed a prototype, which only cost me like $80,000 as I was in Norway at the time.  Enjoy!