Here is my final for Silkscreen 2. I created a small box, approximately 10″x11″ filled with 12 sequential images. In-between each print there was a glassine print with the text for the story to read along with, being partially transparent you could still read the text but the a “fog” of the next image underneath. Unfortunately, these things don’t photograph nearly as well as they appear in real life, and the text is completely illegible digitally. So, instead, here are the images by themselves with simple text in between simply for your reference.

Enjoy, and Happy New Year!


There once was a Goddess named Belmora. Millions of years ago, she rode along the desolate lands of her world and felt emptiness – and so she created man.

Man was lonely. To appease him she created more men to accompany him through life. She reveled in their worship of her, and granted any wish they would ask.


It was not long until Belmora’s kindness was transformed into a tool of greed. Man refused to learn how to survive; the more they begged her for intervention, the less she felt like she should.

And so, she cried for eons as her kingdom rotted to the nothingness from which she had rose it from. 

But time is cruel, and with the passing years Belmora once again felt loneliness. She grabbed the ashes from her failure and thrusting them into the sky, she erected a new kingdom. As the fires of creation burst, she remembered her past world and swore to never interfere with its growth. 

The new kingdom was smart. They learned all things through their own means, and as years flew by they  built multiple villages to house all their prosperity. 

But their wisdom turned to downfall; in time the separate villages became dire enemies. Belmora screamed as she saw her people kill one another in swarms of jealous rage, until not one remained. 

The other Gods laughed. They saw Belmora’s failures and mocked her for her faults. As she scavenged for one salvageable piece of her people, they taunted her for her hope. But yet – she swore to try again.

As she tugged at the strings of her last civilization she promised to balance her power and do whatever necessary for the good of her world. Man was receptive, and while loving towards her, he spent his time sowing the seeds of his own survival. 

However, as the years waged on, man no longer needed their Goddess. As their belief waned, so did Belmora’s powers until she became no more than mortal. Sitting in their dirty streets, she was happy to see her kingdom thriving, even if in a world where she was never needed. 

Suddenly, screams wrecked the kingdom. The other Gods, angry at the mortals for abandoning their Goddess, thrust a fiery ball upon the world. Belmora had no time to think before she threw herself into the sky, instantly shattering the threat – no matter the cost to her own self. 

The kingdom swept dust from their eyes, unable to understand why small crystals were covering their world. They felt a sudden emptiness; a hole existed somewhere within them that had normally been automatically filled. In time, they only felt relief when it began to rain from the sky, when they felt a little closer to something they never truly understood.