So, I finally graduated with my 2nd BFA in Fine Art this semester, and am moving on with my artistic career after moving to Norway at the end of the month. In the meantime, I’m using my new found down time to upload some long needed updates on my art this semester.

After purging 98% of my belongings for my big move, it was hard to toss my artwork the most. Granted, we took our best/most sentimental pieces with us (my lovely husband Martin and I), but since we are both artists and have been going at this “art stuff” for almost 6 years now, we have got a lot of art! I wish I could say it was all masterpieces too, but still, being an artist is like having a visual diary of your life. It is hard to throw away a piece you did on a trip in Europe, even if it was terrible, because of the memories associated with that particular piece or place.  You just kind of have to promise yourself to make new memories (and new art!).

So, here is a collection of both some recent pieces, and scans of older pieces I’m still fond of. They are all jumbled together here, ranging from up to a year ago (various workshops, Burning Man, and random sketches), and I apologize if some things were posted before. There is a lot, so I’ll post over a few days so its not a visual overload.  Everything between 1-10 minutes.

Hope your New Year is treating you as well as mine is!

sketch sketch2 sketch3 sketch4 sketch5 sketch6 sketch7 sketch8 sketch9 sketch10 sketch11 sketch12 sketch13