Hey! Here are some more sketched I’ve done since I’ve gotten back to Ohio to visit family. I’ve been toying around with ball point pen and plain computer paper because my tools are pretty limited over here. It also forces me to observe before I draw, which is always something I forget to do, because I can’t really fix a pen drawing.

I got really inspired after going to NYC with Martin and seeing some original Gibson pen drawings, so I’ve been trying to find some inspiration there. Its really hard to get good emotions out of a pretty girl in pen, because the more lines you draw to indicate emotion, the uglier she looks! No wonder all his ladies were so prim and poised, and all his “characters” were old curmudgeons!

sketch40 sketch41 sketch42 sketch43  sketch45 sketch46 sketch47 sketch48

Oh, and guess what I got for Xmas!sketch44