Been doing a lot of relief printing in my spare time before the big move to Norway, and its nice to keep in practice. I’ve been letting inspiration just hit me, and not worry too much about a final product as I think just DOING art is more important than being stressed about it looking a certain way or not. I think, especially since I just graduated, this is a delicate time for me to either sink or swim in my career, as no one is telling me to make art anymore. Luckily I love what I do, so I have been drawing and printing a lot. They are all 4×6 printed on Japanese rice paper, by hand with my lovely barens.

This one is about my nephew’s fish: X-Ray. We bought him a Beta fish because he said he wanted to be a zoologist when he got older, so this was a good start. He bought an all white one, and when you turn on the overhead light in the fish tank you can see all his guts and bones (thus, the name X-Ray!). BAM. Inspiration struck. It’s a 2 layer reductive print, 1st layer gradient.


This one is about birds flying in trees. Sometimes things don’t have to have a story. Again, 2 layer reductive print.


I’ve been reading a lot of Isaac Asimov’s non-fiction books lately, all about physics and astronomy and science and math etc, etc. It makes me feel smart. So, here is some space art. It was a 2 layer print, but the first layer was monotyped with a brush.


Then, probably my most “conceptual” piece I’ve done, is a piece called “Dying Breath”. I’ve been freaking out about mortality, like for real, and this image just came to me naturally. I knew it had to be done, if only for my own therapy. 2 Layer, 1st layer hand painted with a brush and printed.


Lastly, for now, is my most recent piece finished yesterday while helping my nephew with his spelling words. Again, this is simply an image that formed in my mind for whatever reason, with no real palpable inspiration. But, as I said, I’m trying to just let my brain have a visual diarrhea and draw whatever comes to mind and not think about why it has to be made. Take THAT, formal education. Only a single pass on this one.


And there you have it. Hopefully I can get 3 more done before I leave. (Hopefully…)