I’ve been trying to go to as many workshops here in Oslo, as there are a surprising amount. Though none of them are free, it is still nice to keep in practice. In between my Norwegian language classes and volunteering at 4-5 galleries here in Oslo I try to draw as much as I can. Which, in all honesty, could be 1,000% more but I’m sure I can come up with enough excuses to get you off my back.

Here are some drawings just on my own, though not all necessarily from imagination, I’ve been experimenting with dialogue that has absolutely nothing to do with anything:

fig1 fig2 fig3

Being an artists's model, this one hits a little close to home.

Being an artists’s model, this one hits a little close to home.

fig5 fig6 fig7 fig8 fig9

Time well spent at work.


These were done at workshops around the city, I’m really trying to focus on the “building blocks” of the figure, almost a Bridgeman-esque approach:

wkshp1 wkshp2 wkshp3 wkshp4 wkshp5 wkshp6 wkshp7 wkshp8 wkshp9 wkshp10

And lastly, a few doodles done on the bus of people, as always.

face1 face2