And now for some finer works. Here are some paintings I’ve done on vellum with acryllic during a painting workshop, between 40-60 minutes each. The vellum would have been amazing, had I remembered to tape it down. Instead, I got some lovely textured scattered across my image and lovely rolled edges!

paint1  paint2


Next are some postcards I’ve made for people. I have a lot of free time on my hands now, so sending postcards has been a great way for me to doodle.  Want to get one? Send me your address! (Even if I don’t know you!)

postcard1 postcard2

This is for  my nephew Sean, whom I am trying to force to stay in contact with me through my move to Norway. Instead of doing normal postcards, we are designing Pokemon to battle back and forth with. The idea being he can practice his handwriting (I am making him write out the Pokemon’s entry into the Pokedex on the back), his hand eye coordination with the drawing on front, and his wonderful imagination. And since we both share a love of Pokemon, it all adds up! Here is my contribution so far, Guanigo, who is a poison / ground type. The eyes on his back serve as a distraction against enemy attacks so he can run away…..!

I’ll upload Sean’s once I get one. Which better be soon…