Those of you who know me know that I am the director of Blank Space, a creative space here in Oslo that is an organization who has dedicated itself to making the art world a healthier place, one that is open to everyone with no elitism, no closed doors, and no limit due to your financial situation. You know us as a gallery that hosts exhibitions that think outside the normal realm of representation to truly signify how large the art world is. You know us as the creative space that hosts open classes and workshops to heighten the visual integrityof artists everyone, giving them a safe environment to improve and collaborate.

We need your help now.

Below you will find a link to our online petition where we ask for signatures simply showing that you agree with our mission. We ask nothing more of you than that. Your signature will be presented along with other cosigners to the various Norwegian Cultural Departments to show that we have public support and this is a wanted and necessary addition to Oslo’s cultural environment. And, as this is the age of the digital revolution, we would appreciate a share or two – to help us spread the word beyond our own network.

Liz Ramsey