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Unedited sketches from the past week. Direct imagination drawings (except for the clearly from life studies) with pen and/or color markers.




Art dump from the last 10 months, part 2 of 2:


All direct ink, from imagination and life.


Art dump from the last 10 months, part 1 of 2:

Direct pen and ink, outside of the watercolors.

My husband, Martin Mauseth Hvattum, was awarded a travel stipend from Grafill this year. So, in July, we traveled around Norway doing pleinair paintings of the Norwegian landscape. It was a spectacular trip, for many reasons, and the ability to see what Norway is really like, not just from the capitol’s perspective, was insightful. I painted rarely, using the trip instead as a well needed relaxation outlet. But, here are a few paintings that I do think turned out. Ive been trying to challenge myself to focus on values much more, as it has always been a difficult area for me.

The first is a waterfall near Svartisen, the second is unrecorded and unknown. Both are acryla gouache.
july painting1 july painting2

And some line work / life sketches from the new sketchbook. (Might recognize one or two that I colored and posted previously…)
IMG_0001 IMG_0002 IMG_0003 IMG_0004 IMG_0006

A few more before I head to Smøgen for a good time with some friends:

devil skullface2 tribe women

Pen studies – trying to get more used to drawing from imagination again – haven’t done it since High School. Pen only, digital coloring. Hour studies, in total. Maybe.

Also have two monitors, so the colors have a 50% chance of appearing wonky on your monitor, heads up.


A quick digital sketch to see if I have the capacity to do a demo and post it. Still unsure.

frog2 hockey2 jump power

I haven’t died, but here is a small update of some sketches done at the Rodin gallery at the Legion of Honor, and also a new painting!

Martin and I went on a small painting trip over the Spring Break together, just for 2 days down to Monterrey, and here are my results! Done in gouache and pastel crayons, or watercolor and ink!

Not dead, just tired. New semester, new projects……..


Hey, figure I need to start another attempt at keeping up with the world and my art nowadays. Now that I’m doing things at a semi-steady rate, and am also fairly proud of my work, I would like to (hopefully) keep up a blog now.

Its totally not necessary to remind me how many times this hasn’t worked, also. I’m well aware…..