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Art dump from the last 10 months, part 2 of 2:


All direct ink, from imagination and life.



Art dump from the last 10 months, part 1 of 2:

Direct pen and ink, outside of the watercolors.

Last life drawing update from this summer. These are all quick studies, no more than 3 minutes each. 
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Art dump 4/7, from San Francisco’s Academy of Art alumni workshops, and perhaps a few sketches while hanging out with some good friends.

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Update 3/7 – this time, featuring COLOR. One thing I miss about the AAU that we don’t have in Oslo (or, in many places in the world) is access to such a diverse group of models. I really missed having all shapes, body types, genders and personalities to draw. It seems like there is just 3 models here in Oslo, and they are all fairly similar in styles. Not to mention ZERO clothed figure workshops – I felt a bit rusty in that area!
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Upload 2/7 here of the San Francisco art dump. More quick studies, some longer studies as well – I’m normally pretty good at numbering how long each pose was next to the drawing. A new addition this upload is 1 drawing from imagination – though its pretty obvious which one it is. +10 points to whoever guesses last.

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Went back to San Francisco for a month over the summer. It was a lovely time filled with much drawing, and I surprised myself by how tired I felt at the end of each day. I used to draw for hours upon hours every day, and now I couldn’t even go to one workshop without feeling pooped! However, it still felt amazing to draw again with such ferocity.  I have some 70 pages to upload, so I will do it in small uploads of about 10 each. All work done in pen, from 1-10 minutes.

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